Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Perfect Shot: Capturing Dogs In Motion

One…Two…Three…Say Cheese, and give me a BIG smile! Do these words sound familiar to anyone else besides me? I’d classify them as the typical ‘cheesy’ words photographers use attempting to get the best shot when taking your picture. But what would your reaction be if a photographer didn’t count to three, ask you to smile on cue, and told you to simply be yourself?

Lisbeth Ganer developed a love for photography early on, and the passion has become part of her DNA ever since.  Having continued photography after moving from Norway to Luxembourg almost 18 years ago, she’s established a reputation amongst many as a unique, energetic, and brilliant photographer. She strives to capture and reveal the true essence of the individual in her work, and is not afraid to do what it takes to get the great shot.

Lisbeth does not limit her work to only shooting one specific subject, but rather prefers the challenge of variety. Whether it’s family, portraits, sports, or travel, she’s got the experience, although one of her personal favorites is photographing dogs in motion.

She shared her experience of the time when an owner wanted a photo of their dog playing in a field with grass that was over 1 meter high. The dog had a passion for jumping, and Lisbeth’s goal was to capture the dog in mid-air. Days before the shoot took place, Lisbeth went to scout out the area to get a true feel for the elements and the natural light. Just in case the weather didn’t cooperate, as a precaution, Lisbeth and the owner scheduled three different dates for the photo shoot to take place. When the day came, getting the perfect shot certainly wasn’t as easy as counting to three. The hours passed by as Lisbeth watched and waited, all the while encouraging the dog to play and behave as she naturally would. And in order to get the perfect ‘jump’ shot, when the right moment came,  Lisbeth stood in-between the dog and the owner, while they called to her and she ran towards them and leapt into the air.  
This is just one example of the extraordinary amount of dedication and patience that goes into creating her breathtaking works of art. She believes that photography is more than taking a pretty picture, and the end result should unveil a piece of the soul that’s been captured. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneurial business woman, Lisbeth is no stranger to hard work and takes pride in diligently working with the client until they are both pleased with the end result.

Nowadays, one of her favorite pastimes is taking her dog Maya to the forest and joining up with friends and their dogs for long walks. She of course brings along her high powered camera, capable of taking 8 shots per second, a necessity when photographing subjects that never sit still unless they hear the word ‘treat’. She lies and waits for the perfect moments, not caring about the mud on her shoes, grass stains on her jeans, slobber on her hands, and rain in her hair. And when it’s over she stands up, tucks away her camera, walks back to her car, and smiles at the thought of developing the negatives that hold the perfect shot. 

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