Monday, February 29, 2016

Baby's Best Friend

A friend of mine is a mother of 2 precious girls, and raises them along with her Labrador "Perseas". As her girls are just toddlers, she is often approached by concerned people who have questions about her decision to trust a dog around her children. As we are also planning to have children, we were intrigued by what she had to say, and know that many people wonder how dogs and newborns get along, and just how to go about blending the family. Here is one new parent's view on the subject.
I am a mum of 2 girls and a Labrador named Perseas (Ancient Greek name). Three wonderful creatures for which I feel exactly the same: I love, I adore, and I want their well-being more than anything in the world!

Some people ask me strange questions such as;
"How is it possible to have a dog with a newborn baby at home?"
"Don't you worry that dog hair will get stuck on your babies toys?"
"Aren't you worried that the dog will bite the kids?"
Although I immediately realize that people asking these kind of questions are not worth my attention, my answers back are somewhat like this: 

1. My dog is also one of my kids. I love him the same, so sometimes I am more concerned that my human toddler might bite the dog (Ha!) 

2. Since the day we brought the newborns home, our Labrador adored them! Not just that he protects them physically, being around him strengthens my kids immune systems. My kids don't easily get sick, not even at the day care where all children are frequently sick.
3. My dog helped me through my postpartum depression, and he was there for me (he's always there for me)when I needed someone to complain about the tough moments of parenting.
4. Perseas is teaching my kids to love and respect the animals, to care for them, and a sense of responsibility. My 3 year old is asking or telling me: "Mummy, can I put water out for Perseas? Can I feed him? Can I walk him? He seems he wants to run in the garden."
5. Dog hair? Well yes there is some dog hair, but it's nothing we can't deal with, and its nothing serious - basically it's nothing compared to the unconditional love, the happiness and the joy that comes from living with Perseas!  

I am writing these lines as Perseas comes to me with his toy in his mouth to ask me play with him. My advice to all is
if you want a happy home, Adopt a Dog!! You will thank me later !!  
I need to go now and play fetch!! 
Kisses ~ Elfi. K


  1. Nothing better for a kids immune system than being outside and being close friends with annimals.

  2. Nothing better for a kids immune system than being outside and being close friends with annimals.

  3. Bravo my Elfi!!!! <3 You know I love you and I'm proud for you for many reasons and one of them is all these you discibed on your article!!! I have grown up with pets mostly cats, dogs and birds and yes it was difficult for me to get sick or to have any kind of allergies since I was so familiar to so many "bugs" from the pets that my defensive system of my body was becoming more and more strengthened!!! :))

    1. Thank you Matinaki mou !! I know your love for animals and your continuous support to them !